DEC 09 2022 /// 8 Key Recommendations for fostering eMobility / eRoaming in Slovenia

  • Think in Systems: Every successful business undertaking shall grow with time and automatically expands its system scope, be it in terms of regions, technologies, customer groups or other. This recommendation therefore aims at decision makers in Slovenia to incorporate this fact into their system design process.
  • Build on Proven Technologies: With regard to eRoaming over the past ten years communication protocol technologies, such as the Open Clearing House Protocol (OCHP) for hub solutions as well as Open Charge Point Interface (OCPI) Protocol for Peer-2-Peer connections enabling boundless electric vehicle charging across charging station networks.have been in practise. This recommendation therefore aims at decision makers in Slovenia to focus protocol technology choices on this fact.
  • Invite different industries: Sustainable emobility capitalises on the expertise of different industries such as charge point manufacturers and operators, automobile OEMs and emobility service providers in addition to IT companies. This recommendation therefore aims at decision makers in Slovenia to form cooperations with companies with a high level of synergy potential.
  • Standardise solutions: One major challenge of maturing businesses is to agree on process standards. Often-a-times, industry stakeholders neglect that the deployment of technology and infrastructure is only one half of the feasibility equation. Point. The other half is the agreement on how processes are going to be transactioned amongst the different stakeholders. This recommendation therefore aims at decision makers in Slovenia to define standard operating procedures at a very early stage.
  • Learn from existing projects: Looking at Germany it kicked off with numerous emobility research and demonstration projects backed by the so-called Konjunkturpaket in 2008. Since then numerous projects have been completetd as well as newly initiated on a European scale, benefitting from EU funding schemes, such as Horizon Europe and others. This recommendation therefore aims at decision makers in Slovenia to get an overview of lessons learned from projects done in the past and focus objectives of ongoing projects.
  • Explore potentials: Each country has different potentials to tap into based on the specific country profile. Slovenia, for example has a strong tourism inflow, a good geographic location, a well-trained workforce, a well connected motorway network and many more aspects that may have a positive impact on its emobility ecosystem. This recommendation therefore aims at decision makers in Slovenia to take the country profile into consideration.
  • Implement alternatives: Depending on the specific customer requirements and based on the general situation ongrond there may be charging alternatives (AC, DC, HPC) as well as different electric vehicle alternatives (i.e. cars, buses, vans, trucks). This recommendation therefore aims at decision makers in Slovenia to take the demand and supply market characteristics into consideration.
  • Mutually benefit form expertise: Correlating to recommendation no. 1 one realises that each country is at a different development stage with regard to emobility creating a proactive environment of benefitting from individual experiences made. This recommendation therefore aims at decision makers in Slovenia tob e aware oft he fact that communication is key.

DEC 09 2022 /// First Instance emobility observations in Slovenia

Interestingly enough, the first item one was introduced to when arriving the Ljubljana airport in Slovenia was an e-mobility showcase of the Porsche Slovenija MOON wallbox and the EV Audi e-tron. Thus, holding the e-clearing.net curiosity level high with regard to what to expect of the practical emobility ecosystem in Slovenia.

Now, moving on from the airport to the hotel in the city centre, there were no charging stations to be found in the public space. Opening up a discussion with the shuttle bus driver on electric mobility revealed that electric mobility has primarily arrived in the car sharing space with the company AVANTCAR GO as the prominent player. Observing the cars passing by, one hardly identified an EV, however had many known ICE car brands on the streets, such as Renault, VW, Skoda, Kia, Opel, Citroen and others.

Steadily increasing number of charging stations

However, in semi-public spaces, like parking lots of industry service providers and retailers the number of charging stations are steadily increasing. This is a fact not only seen at the venue of our second workshop day at the Technology Park Ljubljana, but also confirmed from a group of workshop participants of LIDL Slovenia on our first workshop day at the Grand Plaza Hotel.

All in all, Slovenia’s capital, Ljubljana, impressed with its attractive landscape and its picturesque historic city centre outlayed with a number of cosy cafés to warm the body system with a nice hot chocolate and the opportunity to enjoy Slovenia’s prekmurska gibanica (apple strudel). Strolling through the alleys of the historic city centre one came across a charging station from time to time.

Insightful exchanges with market actors

For e-clearing.net keeping tap on the future emobility developments in Slovenia it shall clearly eye the moves of Porsche MOON Slovenija, PETROL and Gremo na elektriko (Elektro Ljubljana), the three leading emobility actors in Slovenia. Furthermore, capitalising on the very insightful exchanges with market actors like MAN Truck & Bus, Fraport Slovenija, Porsche MOON Slovenija, Optimile Solutions, German Trade and Investment and many more is not only going to be a huge benefit for e-clering.net alone but the industry as a whole.

Be expecting more information to come!

NOV 17 2022 /// The eMovement – A Sustainability Initiative of e-clearing.net in the field of e-mobilty and e-roaming

Technology has clearly advanced into a sustainability lever for societies. Everyday activities can be performed faster and leaner with a clearcut impact on the economical bottomline. Individuals and organisations are capable of connecting easier by utilising the opportunities offered by technology with a clearcut impact on the societal bottomline. Monitoring & Evaluating emission development and deploying emission-low technologies defines the impact on the ecological bottomline.

In addition, coming migration paths request for technology support. Roughly ten years from now 2/3 of all people are going to be living in urban areas, whereas 1/3 of the people shall be living in big cities (i.e. population size of at least 500k). Not only is the inter city mobility going to turn into a challenge, but also the intra city mobility shall require technology solutions to tackle the challenges. This is where emobility and ist technology options comes into play. It reflects the potential of individual mobility (i.e. private car e-mobility) as well as public (i.e bus and rail e-mobility) and business mobility (i.e. vans and truck e-mobility).

The Bigger Picture

The effect of sustainability measures may be more easily seen and felt by the public, when involving a larger group of stakeholders. For us, taking a closer look at Slovenia therefore means extending the view from the Balkans and Austria to the Visegrad States and further on to the Baltics. We are more closely looking at 12 states in these three groups, which are termed the Three Seas Initiative region. They include countries that border on the Baltic Sea to the north, the Adriatic Sea to the southwest and the Black Sea to the southeast. Now taking a quick look at these countries shows that quite a lot is happening at the moment:

So now what’s happening in Slovenia and its neighbouring country Austria?

Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, is the first EU capital to have announced a zero waste plan and the city prides itself on having a significant per capita green space provision. Vienna, the capital of Austria, is setting a course for the region by providing numerous sustainable service offerings. This encompasses concious shopping, organic agriculture, smart infrastructure and not to forget that over one-third of its energy consumption is covered by renewable energy sources.

So now what’s happening in some Balkan Countries?

Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, adopted its Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan (SECAP) in 2019 and is very much dedicated to implementing green solutions. Bucharest, the capital of Romania, is dedicated to advancing in the field of electric mobility. Currently there is a tender for expanding its electric bus fleet to an extra 100 buses. Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, and its Municipality as well as the European Investment Bank (EIB) signed a 60 mn EUR framework loan to to develop an environmentally sustainable transport system in the city.

So now what’s happening in the Visegrad Group?

Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, displays a spread between its residents and commuters that enter the city only temporarily. Approximately a quarter of Prague residents use the car as their main means of transportation, whreas for commuters this number goes up to almost 50%. Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, is gradually picking up on emobility initiatives. The city‘s modal split is currently strongly dominated by private cars of which only a small portion is being phased into electric cars. Warsaw, the capital of Poland, has set itself a Climate Action Plan targeting a 40% reduction in emissions by 2030 in comparison to 2007. Budapest, the capital of Hungary, had originally aimed at installing an additional 900 charging stations by 2025 for the city and recently announced to add 176 new charging stations for the Budapest Airport as well.

So now what’s happening in the Baltics?

Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, was recently announced by an International Award Jury to become the European Green Capital 2023. Riga, the capital of Latvia, is home to about of 1/3 of Latvia’s population, i.e. about 700k people, of which only about 4% purchase new vehicles. This strongly emphasises its circular economy objectives. Vilnius, the capital of Lithunaia, is currently undertaking the Green Wave Initiative, encompassing the engagement to plant ten mn shrubs, 100k trees and 300k climbing vines.

Sustainability and e-mobility

Sustainability is in many cases equated to a reduction in GHG emissions. The transport sector is a huge emission contributor and the increased commercilisation of EVs may become an emission reduction lever. The market potential for e-mobility is huge and it is being heavily supported by the European Green Deal, which amongst others targets 1mn BEV charging points in 2025.

Emobility turns beneficial for the general public and ready-to-be-promoted when it can be utilised borderless, independent of district, city, country or region. This requires gerenating economies of scope and scale to establish open market and open business models – a key objective of the e-movement. So come and join us on our endeavour to make it happen!

OCT 20 2022 /// Register today: 24th en 25th of November - The e-movement Kick Off in Ljubljana

The e-movement is taking off in Ljubljana (Slovenia) and is aiming at enforcing e-mobility and e-roaming along 12 countries between Adriatic, Baltic and Black Seas. We are laying the sustainability path from Estonia down to Slovenia and Bulgaria.

Sounds interesting?

Then become part of the e-movement and be there for the kick off:

  • November 24, 2022 at Grand Plaza Ljubljana
    Explore the potentials of e-mobility and energy management
  • November 25, 2022 Ljubljana
    Building a sustainable and international framework for tomorrow‘s energy demand

SEP 09 2022 /// e-clearing.net and NOW GmbH simplify sharing of charging infrastructure data

Charging point operators (CPOs) will in future be in a position to make their static and dynamic data as well as their ad-hoc prices available on the Mobility Data Marketplace (MDM) in a straightforward manner – e-clearing.net GmbH and NOW GmbH have developed a service for converting e-mobility data into the European standard format DATEX II.

As part of the EU IDACS (ID and Data Collection for Sustainable fuels in Europe) project, NOW GmbH was commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Digital and Transport (BMDV – Bundesministerium für Digitales und Verkehr) to bring the relevant data on charging infrastructure in Germany to the Mobility Data Marketplace (MDM). The MDM is operated by the Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt – Bundesanstalt für Straßenwesen) and serves as the German NAP (National Access Point): a neutral platform for companies to exchange a variety of traffic data such as timetables, congestion, road works, parking facilities – and now also charging infrastructure data.

The e-clearing.net roaming platform comprises over 800 CPOs, of which around 450 are in Germany. It has developed software for NOW GmbH that converts location data from the OCHP and OCPI protocols into the DATEX II format. Via e-clearing.net, CPOs can offer their data commercially on the MDM with a few clicks or support research and development of future solutions revolving around electric mobility. In addition, the data converter is made available free of charge on Github as an open source solution.

“Thanks to the collaborative work of the IDACS project and e-clearing.net, charging infrastructure data can now be integrated even more easily into smart transport systems in the future. I am delighted that this is yet another major contribution we can make towards the promotion of digitalisation and networking,” says Moritz Dickehage, General Manager of e-clearing.net.

Kurt-Christoph von Knobelsdorff, Managing Director (Chair), of NOW GmbH:

“This newly developed service is an important building block for digitally networked charging stations and for ensuring more customer-friendly and efficient electric mobility. Information that is available with regard to charging options will be even easier and more reliable to find for the steadily growing number of e-car users, even across national borders.”

The project was presented at the “IDACS: Easy sharing of charging infrastructure data” (“IDACS: Einfaches Teilen von Ladeinfrastrukturdaten”) webinar on 19.05.2022. The recording can be found here.

About e-clearing.net

e-clearing.net GmbH, based in Aachen, Germany, provides its customers with diverse services related to roaming in the field of electric mobility. As one of the leading roaming platforms in Europe, thousands of transaction data are processed by our systems each day. As a subsidiary of SMART/LAB Innovationsgesellschaft mbH and the Dutch foundation ELaadNL, e-clearing.net has been playing a key role in shaping electric mobility in Germany and Europe since 2014. Due to the shareholder structure, there is an explicit focus on the perspective of the energy industry. In addition to the processing of data, e-clearing.net also offers other services such as consulting and development. Furthermore, through its continuous participation in research projects in both the national and international context, e-clearing.net maintains its innovative character. Thanks to its many years of activity in the field of electric mobility, the roaming platform has a large, constantly growing customer base and works in cooperation with stakeholders from business and regulatory authorities to continuously improve the future technology of electric vehicles.

MAY 19 2022 /// e-clearing.net goes to Spain: Go Mobility trade fair in Irun

After two years of lockdowns and online events, e-clearing.net attended on April 28th, 2022, the Go Mobility trade fair in a rainy, but very welcoming Irun.

On its way to make EV charging easy and accessible to everyone, e-clearing.net visited one of the most promising countries for the future of the e-mobility market. “Spain’s EV adoption is growing exponentially and the country was in the top five of EU countries for the amount of high power public charging points in 2020. We see the potential of the Spanish EV market and we cannot wait to connect it with the rest of Europe through our roaming platform.” – stated Vittoria Aita, customer relations manager at e-clearing.net.

Not only Spanish companies were present at the Go Mobility, but also German, Portuguese, French, British and many others. For e-clearing.net it was a great opportunity to establish new contacts and to tighten the connections not only with EMPs and CPOs, but also with charging points manufacturers and with governmental organizations, like the main sponsor of the event, MUBIL.

After this successful event, e-clearing.net is looking at the EVS35 in Oslo and at the MOVE in London as next destinations to pursue its goal of a borderless European EV network.

APR 01 2022 /// Job opening: Entry level position: Technical Support – ECL 22/04

The e-clearing.net GmbH seated in Aachen provides their customers with services all about roaming in the rapidly growing e-mobility market. As one of the leading roaming platforms in Europe, thousands of transactions are processed through our systems on a daily basis. A daughter company to the German SMART/LAB GmbH and the Dutch Stichting ElaadNL, e-clearing.net has helped shape the e-mobility market in Europe since 2014, with a deliberate focus on the energy sector owed to its ownership structure.

Aside from Data processing, the e-clearing.net GmbH offers a wide range of services, including consultancy and development tasks. Especially important for us is a frequent participation in research projects on a national and international level to constantly sharpen and enhance our innovative spirit.

Thanks to our long experience in the e-mobility market we can rely on a large networks of partners from the economic and governance sectors, allowing us to participate in the discussions that influence the direction of development for the emerging market of electric car charging.

In this dynamic area we are looking to fill the following position as soon as possible:

Technical support specialist

We offer:

  • Office desk in a friendly team, mobile working is available
  • 30 days of paid vacation
  • 2 year contract with the goal of making it indefinite, no project- or time-based work
  • Electrifying topics in a rapidly growing, dynamic market
  • Perks like an electric motorcycle, fresh fruit, free coffee and more!
  • A multitude of interesting tasks: This is no hotline job

Your profile:

  • Qualifications (Vocational training) from the sectors of technology, IT or clerk
  • Entry level position, suitable for graduates and beginners
  • Some knowledge of web technologies, SQL are a bonus
  • Enthusiasm for innovative topics, sustainability and electric mobility
  • Team & customer friendly communication skills
  • Independent problem solving skilly
  • Very good German and English skills

Your tasks:

  • First und Second Level Support for our B2B Customers in German and English
  • Assisting our customers in technical onboarding
  • Order processing all around our IT-services
  • Tight cooperation with our development & sales departments

Did we pique your interest? Do you see yourself tackling these tasks with glee? Then please send us your application and all relevant documents together with your soonest possible start date and your desired salary whilst referencing the sign ECL 22/04.

Apply at:
e-clearing.net GmbH
Krefelder Straße 195
52070 Aachen
Phone: +49 241 181-1900