At the beginning of a new year it’s nice to look back. In our case we look back on the evolution of the EV-market. And when we look back we see a lot of changes since we started our journey to borderless charging in Europe in 2014. In 2014 we boldly dreamed that all major car manufacturers would have an EV in their portfolio, now we see that the production of new cars consists of almost only electric vehicles and even busses and trucks are switching to electricity as main power source. What an evolution!

With all this changes the demand for charging stations has grown significantly. At highways, in rural areas and at home, you see them everywhere. People even take their EV’s for holidays and drive over a 1000 kilometres in only two days. With all those market developments in mind we believe we can say that this market has become mature very quickly.

From joint initiative to privately held company also evolved in 2020. We changed our legal status from a joint roaming initiative between ElaadNL and Smartlab to a privately held GmbH. This German abbreviation stands for ‘Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung’ and that means as much as a company with limited liability. For us this opens new ways to develop and further professionalise our service and grow our business.

New platform for all partners

Every partner knows the front-end system to manage all transactions at the connected charging stations or with the connected charging cards. In 2020 we gave this system a major upgrade, which became so relevant to deserve a brand new name of its own: “eCHS 2.0”. We reviewed all the use cases and streamlined them to be more user friendly, more reliable and better performant. 

Transparent pricing model for EMPs and CPOs

With all those developments we also checked our pricing model and concluded that this was not as transparent and in line with the market as we wanted it to be. We used a lot of parameters to determine the yearly fee and that made it hard to determine the yearly fee for new partners and to update it for the existing ones. That is why we decided to use a new, transparent and fairer pricing model from April 1st, 2021 for all partners. The only parameters we use in this model are the connected cards for EMPs or the connected charge points for CPOs. This makes it more transparent and easier to calculate your yearly fee, as you can see in the table below:

EMP - Cards






Yearly Fee

€ 2.500

€ 5.000

€ 10.000

€ 20.000

€ 30.000

CPO - Chargepoints

0 – 25

26 – 100

101 – 1.000



Yearly Fee

€ 600

€ 2.500

€ 5.000

€ 10.000


Looking forward to borderless charging

We are very proud of all the developments in the past years and we look forward to close collaboration with all partners to continue our joint mission together to a borderless charging network in Europe. We hope we will be partnering for many years to come!