e-clearing.net - the European roaming platform for electric mobility - announces historic milestones achieved on this year’s member event, along with the launch of the new platform designed to deliver cutting edge performance and innovative features.

Aachen, Germany - Last Thursday, e-clearing.net partners from all over Europe came together for the  annual member event. Due to this year’s special circumstance, the event was held in an online format, though that was far from the only “First” the event had in store. It was the first event of this nature since the founding of the e-clearing.net GmbH earlier this year, marking the organizations official birth as the beginning of August 2020. For the first time, the amount of charge points available for roaming partners surpassed the count of 100.000, and the amount of active users on the platform broke the 1.100.000 mark.

Fueled by the partners extensive usage, the platform has processed more than 3,3 Million transactions this year, with a visible slump earlier in the year due to pandemic restrictions. Moritz Dickehage of e-clearing.net stated “Even with the economy slowing down due to the corona virus outbreak, we’re optimistic to reach 4 million transactions by the end of the year still.” This would constitute roughly a 100% increase over last year’s number.

Electrifying updates

The new IT-system behind e-clearing.net, dubbed eCHS 2.0, is currently available for public alpha testing for both OCHP and OCPI partners. The estimated going-live of the new platform is the first quarter of next year, with new protocol versions OCHP 1.5 and OCPI 2.2 to be released in the following quarter. In addition to the technical developments, the team announced a new standardized contract model that allows for quick and easy establishment of roaming connections via the platform with standardized terms and conditions that apply between roaming partners. Expand your network with the simple click of a button!

The e-clearing.net platform has been at the forefront of connecting customers in the e-mobility market to the infrastructure since 2012. Since then, millions of transactions have been processed, helping the market integrate and develop towards a seamless customer experience.