On 5 and 6 November the annual e-clearing.net Member Event took place. It was held at Stromnetz Hamburg in Hamburg, Germany. More than forty members and interested parties got involved with the development of e-clearing.net and OCHP. Parties from Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium and Austria were present. Attendees got updated on the status of e-clearing.net and provided valuable input for the development of the platform.

The two days were filled with a varied program with presentations and interactive sessions. A global e-clearing.net update was given and the members were informed on current topics concerning the  platform, such as the OCPI module implementation, OCHP 1.5 and technical developments in the past year.

In addition, different interactive sessions were organized with a lot of space for sharing knowledge, asking questions and giving feedback. Members gave valuable input on the platform and frontend requirements and there was a brainstorm session for future e-clearing.net features. A lot of great ideas where shared. Besides the presentations and the interactive sessions, there was a lot of space for the community meeting each other, getting together and networking.

Part of the e-clearing.net Member Event was a joint session with the evRoaming4EU project. The main objective of this European project is to facilitate roaming services for charging electric vehicles and provide transparent information to consumers about charging locations and prices of charging in Europe. Interesting presentations were given by NKL, hySolutions GmbH and ARGUS city and traffic planning.

It was great to see the community getting together and working jointly on a European borderless charging network. We would like to thank Stromnetz Hamburg for the hosting and our partners for their presence. We hope to see you all next year!

Here below you can find an impression of the event!

A global update on e-clearing.net

Moritz Dickehage talking about technical developments of the protocol

Great feedback and discussions

Lonneke Driessen from e-clearing.net presenting on the PKI design

Interactive sessions

Joint dinner