Major step for EV drivers :  e- and eViolin connect

Members of the Dutch Roaming-Network eViolin and the European roaming-platform will connect their networks based on the open OCPI protocol. At the second “Combined Energy” NL-NRW conference, both partners sign a Letter of intent and agree to take all necessary steps to enable the connection. Johannes Remmel, Minister for Climate Protection, Environment, Agriculture, Conservation and Consumer Protection of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia and Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs Henk Kamp support the initiative.

Neuss. The roaming-platform and the Dutch Roaming network eViolin cooperate in electric mobility with the target of connecting members of eViolin to and thus enabling further European interoperability. The connection ensures a huge growth of mutual interoperability. By enabling further roaming connections cost can be minimized and the EV driver can get maximum benefit and access to added services – more choice in charging stations with clear information about location, availability and tariffs leading to less hassle with billing and payment. With this non-exclusive cooperation between and eViolin, one of the largest roaming networks will emerge – for the benefit of all connected EV market parties and their end users.

The successful cross-border cooperation between Germany and the Netherlands behind is further fostered and expanded by having the majority of the Dutch market make use of the established European roaming platform. At the same time, can now offer its partners access to one of the largest markets for e-mobility in the world, presenting EV drivers with unparalleled possibilities in information and access while simultaneously enhancing business opportunities for the platform as well as the members of eViolin and all other connected partners.

“With the new partners from eViolin we can soon grow substantially and advance cross-border e-mobility even further.” explains Dr. Mark Steffen Walcher, director of smartlab Innovationsgesellschaft mbH, “Thus, we expand interoperability in charging of electric vehicles for a multitude of organisations.” smartlab, together with the Dutch Stichting ElaadNL, is the owner and operator of “Being situated so close to the tri-border area here in Aachen we are very pleased with the cooperation and looking forward to new charging possibilities for our customers”, adds Dr. Christan Becker, board member of public utility STAWAG, shareholder of smartlab and member of, one of the largest partners of The cooperation between eViolin and now opens up nearly the entire Dutch market of e-mobility for roaming agreements with the existing partners of the platform., an initiative of smartlab Innovationsgesellschaft and the Dutch Stichting ElaadNL, is an open B2B-platform that enables cross-border interoperability in charging of electric vehicles. Market players in electric mobility can exchange data relevant to authorization of the users, billing as well as live- and POI information of charging stations. For the EV user, this means easier roaming nationally as well as internationally. The aim of is the unhindered access to charging infrastructure across network borders. employs an open market model, which does not obligate the partners to contract. All market partners are free to choose their business relations on the platform by making bilateral roaming agreements. The operators of can offer example contracts to quickly establish these. Further, the platform is an open system and invites all partners to participate in further development.
eViolin eViolin is responsible for ensuring national roaming in The Netherlands. At this moment eViolin manages the roaming for over 140.000 EV cards/tokens, 40.000 charge stations and 23 charge point operators and mobility service providers. eViolin is also responsible for the issuing of IDs for these organizations, which makes eViolin crucial in the EV ecosystem to support exchange of data and roaming.
After operating a successful roaming system in the Netherlands for 6 years, eViolin will soon offer even better roaming and information sharing via the open protocol OCPI. eViolin and its members have chosen to use as their main roaming system. However mobility service providers, navigation service providers and charge point operators are free to choose their preferred connection and can connect to other hubs as well as connect via peer to peer connections.

Thanks to the protocol and hubs like, apps can now offer new functionalities that allow EV drivers to better find charge stations in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, and other countries in Europe. It further enables them to see their availability, tariffs, reserve a station or pay directly. Thus, it can also contribute to higher end user price transparency.

Members of eViolin: Alfen, Allego, ANWB, Blue Corner, Blue Current, BMW ECOGo, EVnetNL, Eneco, EV-Box, Fastned, FLOW Charging, Greenflux, LastMileSolutions, Movenience, MultiTankcard, Nuon, Optimile, Plugsurfing, Travelcard, The New Motion, Vandebron, Vitae Mobility.

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