First Instance emobility observations in Slovenia

Interestingly enough, the first item one was introduced to when arriving the Ljubljana airport in Slovenia was an e-mobility showcase of the Porsche Slovenija MOON wallbox and the EV Audi e-tron. Thus, holding the curiosity level high with regard to what to expect of the practical emobility ecosystem in Slovenia.

Now, moving on from the airport to the hotel in the city centre, there were no charging stations to be found in the public space. Opening up a discussion with the shuttle bus driver on electric mobility revealed that electric mobility has primarily arrived in the car sharing space with the company AVANTCAR GO as the prominent player. Observing the cars passing by, one hardly identified an EV, however had many known ICE car brands on the streets, such as Renault, VW, Skoda, Kia, Opel, Citroen and others.

Steadily increasing number of charging stations

However, in semi-public spaces, like parking lots of industry service providers and retailers the number of charging stations are steadily increasing. This is a fact not only seen at the venue of our second workshop day at the Technology Park Ljubljana, but also confirmed from a group of workshop participants of LIDL Slovenia on our first workshop day at the Grand Plaza Hotel.

All in all, Slovenia’s capital, Ljubljana, impressed with its attractive landscape and its picturesque historic city centre outlayed with a number of cosy cafés to warm the body system with a nice hot chocolate and the opportunity to enjoy Slovenia’s prekmurska gibanica (apple strudel). Strolling through the alleys of the historic city centre one came across a charging station from time to time.

Insightful exchanges with market actors

For keeping tap on the future emobility developments in Slovenia it shall clearly eye the moves of Porsche MOON Slovenija, PETROL and Gremo na elektriko (Elektro Ljubljana), the three leading emobility actors in Slovenia. Furthermore, capitalising on the very insightful exchanges with market actors like MAN Truck & Bus, Fraport Slovenija, Porsche MOON Slovenija, Optimile Solutions, German Trade and Investment and many more is not only going to be a huge benefit for alone but the industry as a whole.

Be expecting more information to come!