Open platform

The rise of electric mobility is unstoppable. Local charging networks have been popping up in countries all over the continent. The next step is to open these networks to everyone. connects the back offices of e- mobility market players, in order to make Europe one big charging network.

Before, if parties wanted to open their networks up to each other they would have to set up a new connection with every party they wanted to roam with. This resulted in a huge complexity of relationships. Partners of benefit from the use of one connection and one interface, while keeping the freedom to choose which partners they want to roam with.

Connecting to e-clearing enables you to take your business even futher. 

Access the Biggest roaming platform in Europe!

Discover our benefits

  1. An open market model that gives complete autonomy to connect; you chose the partners to connect with and the data you want to exchange.
  2. An open business model for direct business relationships without intermediate parties.
  3. Get unlimited business by only paying a fixed, yearly membership fee.  So no costs per transaction, token or chargepoint!   
  4. uses the open protocol OCHP that includes all the needed functionalities. It’s available online, free of charge, at

Open Clearing House Protocol uses the Open Clearing House protocol (OCHP). Everyone is free to implement and to actively participate in the development of the protocol, which is rapidly becoming the free international standard for platforms in the electric vehicle market. Visit to learn more about our protocol.

Data enables the exchange of all relevant data between parties. Three types of data are exchanged through our platform: roaming authorization, charge transaction and charge point information data.

Our platform enables the following data flows:

Furthermore, since 2015 offers additional real-time communications in the form of the OCHPdirect extension. OCHPdirect allows for all data exchange necessary for remote control, live-information, reservation and smart charging of charging stations.



Since 2017, in order to facilitate maximum partner autonomy and freedom of choice, introduced additional services to offer the following OCPI modules to their partners as an alternative to OCHP:

  • Credentials
  • Tokens
  • Locations
  • CDRs
  • Tariffs
  • Sessions
  • Commands