What is e-clearing.net and why was it created?

e-clearing.net is an open B2B-platform for e-mobility market players that connects electric vehicle charging networks across borders all over Europe. It offers a solution for the increasing number of service providers and charging transactions and the demand for these transactions to be handled in an automated way.

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What future developments will e-clearing.net support?

A yearly workshop is conducted with all platform partners to enable valuable feedback to be included in the future development of OCHP and e-clearing.net. In the past, OCHPdirect and tariff data exchange have been established this way as well as the additional OCPI interface. Future developments we are eagerly awaiting include further interconnection and exciting new use cases with energy and mobility players as well as varied service providers.

Who can become partner of e-clearing.net?

All market players in electric mobility such as service providers, supply equipment operators or navigation service providers.

Why join e-clearing.net?

Members of e-clearing.net benefit from the use of one connection and one interface, while keeping the freedom to choose which other members they want to roam with. Connecting to e-clearing.net enables you to take your business across borders.

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What are the membership fees?

Members pay only one yearly fixed fee which is calculated every year by taking into consideration the number of charging points or charging cards, as in the table here (link). Partners who occupy more than one role on e-clearing.net pay only for the most relevant one. The one-time costs for the whole onboarding process amount to 5.000€ and include 40 hours of our support and one day of live testing.

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How can I join e-clearing?

Fill in the membership form or send an e-mail to info@e-clearing.net