About us          

e-clearing.net launched in October 2014 as a joint venture of Dutch foundation ElaadNL and smartlab Innovationsgesellschaft mbH from Germany. In 2020 the legal structure changed and e-clearing.net has become a privately hold GmbH. The aim of e-clearing.net is the unhindered access to charging infrastructure across network and country borders. We offer all market players in electric mobility an open B2B-platform that enables cross-border interoperability in charging of electric vehicles and related value added services. Through our platform our partners can share the data necessary for user authentication, billing, real-time information and other continually expanding use cases. With more than 260.000 connected charge points and 4.500.000 active drivers, e-clearing.net is one of Europe’s largest e-roaming platforms, based on four core values:

  1. An open market model that gives complete autonomy to connect; you choose the partners to connect with and the data you want to exchange.
  2. An open business model for direct business relationships without intermediate parties.
  3. Get unlimited business by only paying a fixed, yearly membership fee. So no costs per transaction, token or chargepoint!  
  4. e-clearing.net uses the open protocol OCHP that includes all the needed functionalities. It’s available online, free of charge, at ochp.eu