Yearly membership fees apply to all the roles on the platform. E-clearing is a not-for-profit platform that aims to divide the financial contributions of its members as fairly as possible.

Yearly Revenue Market Activity
EMP (Number of customer contracts)
up to 1000 1000 - 5000 more than 5000
CPO (Number of EVSEs)
up to 50 50 - 500 more han 500
More than €10 mln. medium large large
Between €1 mln. and €1 mln small medium large
Up to €1 mln. small small medium

*Aggregator: An Aggregator is treated as a CPO or an eMSP. The aggregator pays an additional 50% for each aggregated member’s regular fee.

Regardless of size or market activity, a NSP, PSO or Follower pays a yearly fee of €2500

Roles on the platform

Members of our platform have different roles;

  • Charge Point Operator
  • E-Mobility Service Provider
  • Navigation Service Provider
  • Parking Spot Operator
  • Follower